reading aloud

When you read aloud to a child, 3 major things happen:
1. You bond with that child and will create happy memories associated with reading.
This happens especially with young children. My 3 year old loves to snuggle up next to me with a book. When she is older and reflects on her childhood, one memory I want her to treasure is our moments reading together.
2. You are filling that child's brain with words, syntax, meaning and phrases they wouldn't get anywhere else.
Everyday language doesn't use the same words, syntax, or phrases you find in books. Reading aloud introduces a new unique vocabulary to children. Children will soak up that vocabulary and draw upon it later in life as they expand their education.
3. You are setting an example.
Children, no matter their age, look to adults for examples. They will justify actions based on an adults' actions. Reading is no different. When children see us read, we are giving them permission to also read. When we read for pleasure we are telling our children that reading is not just associated with drudging homework.
So go grab a book and read with your child! Explore the world of Hogwarts, woodworking, Greek myths, Alice's wonderland and the happily ever afters of fairy tales.

**Information obtained from "The Read Aloud Handbook" by Jim Trelease.