independence thanks

Throughout the United States today there will be parades, bbqs, camping, parties, and fireworks celebrating 235 year of independence. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays-- and not just because I absolutely love all types of summer activities. I love celebrating our country's freedom. I appreciate the holiday to reflect on the sacrifices of so many. My deepest gratitude goes out to the men and women of the military. You, who leave your families; your parents, your friends, your babies. You, who leave the comforts of home to selflessly serve and put yourselves in harm's way. To the moms and dads who send their children away, constantly praying for their safety. Awe and Adoration for the wives and husbands who stay home and survive single parenthood. To the little boys and girls who say goodbye to mommy and daddy for months at a time, I admire you. Thank you for your sacrifice.
So today while I am enjoying corn on the cob, watermelon and bbq chicken, I will take a few minutes and talk to my little girls about why we are able to have a big party with fireworks in the middle of the summer.

*photo taken by Emily Aldrich,